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Cherry's Lounge Review | Jersey City, NJ

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

This long standing staple of the Greenville section of Jersey City, NJ has been in business for over 40 years providing a gathering place for the neighborhood for quality food and drinks.

The lounge was founded in 1980 by Jersey City native Leroy Cherry. 2020 marked the 40th year in business but that was also the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. That didn't stop the owner from celebrating when the city opened back up officially in 2021.

The lounge provides a bar and restaurant vibe during the day and work week and a lounge vibe with local DJs during the nights and weekends. House music is the sound you will hear the most and doesn't disappoint for the mature crowd. However, the lounge is for everyone of all ages.

The owner has made major improvements over the years by adding a back patio, revamped soul food inspired menu, and creating an atmosphere of inclusion, safety, and fun. Jersey City is a city that has seen tremendous change in the past 20 years and the Greenville section is often neglected. However, it has a rich culture and people with a lot of pride. Cherry's Lounge is one of the oldest black owned, family owned businesses in the area. There's no doubt that Greenville/The Hill will see change as well with additional developments to come and we want to see Cherry's still here winning.

I did a walkthrough and interview with current owner and grandson of Leroy Cherry, Anthony "Sport" Sharperson. He is also a native of Jersey City, a firefighter, and entrepreneur among many other things. We discuss running a black owned business in the up and coming city and what the legacy of his grandfather means to him.

Inside The Lounge

Meet The Owner

You can learn more about Cherry's Lounge and its owner at the links below.

Cherry's Lounge is located at 102 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City, NJ 07305

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