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newborn Photographer in nj

Your baby grows up quickly. But, your newborn photographer from JMT Photography & Media will ensure that they capture these early days. Many of our photographers are parents themselves, so they understand what a special time this is for you and your family. We can also take your maternity photos also. There's never a bad time to document your precious arrival.

Our team is based in Jersey City, NJ, but we serve the whole of the New York, NY, area including Essex County and Hudson County. This means that we’re close by and ready to document your baby’s life.

When Is the Best Time to Take Photos?

While your newborn is growing quickly, we suggest waiting at least five days before scheduling one of our newborn photographers for the photoshoot. This way, your child has had some time to adjust, but they still have all of their smallest features and newborn habits.

You may have decided that you want your baby to be a little older. We are happy to take baby photos for children from a few days old to a few months old. As with newborns, we take these photos either at your home or on location, depending on your preferences.

What Shoots Can You Expect From Us?

We at JMT Photography & Media love to do professional newborn and baby photography, and we offer many flattering and creative poses for your baby. You can also ask your baby photographer to take casual shots around the home either of just your baby or of you and your baby.  

In addition to baby and newborn photography, we also offer maternity photography. With us you can capture every part of this journey to becoming a parent or having another child. Let us know what you’d like, and together we can determine the best time and location for your maternity photos.  

To book a photoshoot with a newborn photographer in New York, NY, or the surrounding areas, simply call or text us at 201-736-8695 or go to the contact page, click here.

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