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We offer video production for sweet 16's, cinematic wedding films, events, websites, consumer brands, social media marketing, and more. We live in a visual world and high quality video production that tells a compelling story can be great for your business, events, or other occasions. Contact us to discuss your options and how to get started working on your project. We can help you go from concept to final product.

If you are preparing for you next event in new jersey you will want to have the best videographers to handle your needs. We can discuss the specifics of your event and plan out how to create your film from start to finish.

Wedding Videography in NJ / NY

We specialize in creating highlight films rather than long form recording. What this means is that we record important moments from your event and create a film to show in an artistic way what took place during your event. Most events such as wedding, corporate events, and birthday parties can be rather long so we take the highlights from the day and make a film that is short yet shows key moments of the day.


Highlight Films are great for sharing with family and friends and will feel like a movie rather than a long boring video. 

Our highlight films are completely custom to each event and the length and duration is dependent on a number of factors. This can vary due to event length, key moments, budget, etc. 

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