Wedding Photography Services in Jersey City, NJ

JMT Photography & Media is based in Jersey City, NJ and committed to storytelling with wedding photography. Although we are in Northern NJ we love to travel and can accommodate wedding photography services in different areas. 


Wedding photography documents some of the most important moments in life. It can’t be duplicated or replicated after. Our goal is to make sure we have documented your special day and create long lasting memories for years to come. Here are some tips to help in your wedding photography plans.


Create a Mood board

You can use words or photos to describe the type of wedding photography shots you want the photographer to take during the ceremony and reception. You can create screenshots on your phone, magazine clippings, or use sites like Pinterest. This is also good for engagement and proposal shoots.


Keep a Tight Schedule

A wedding day can be very hectic. Make sure you schedule time for just you and your future spouse to take candid photos during the wedding day. After all the stress of the “I do’s”, etc. make sure you get a relaxing moment to just be together and enjoy it while the photographer is there to capture it. The kinds of expressions you will have may be much different than being in front of a crowd.


Book a pre-wedding shoot

Let’s face it, wedding photography is expensive. Instead of booking a full wedding package perhaps a smaller portrait, family, or headshot photography service to get familiar with the photographer is in order. This ensures that you’ve had a working relationship with the potential wedding photographer before the big day.


Feel free to reach out for any questions. We would love to be your top choice for wedding photography services or any other type of needs you may have.