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Bagsmart Camera Sling Review | Bargain Budget Camera Sling


Let's be honest. The bag is cheaply made but might be made well enough to be just what you need on a budget. Overall, its a highly useful design and should be something to consider if you're short on funds.

Bagsmart Camera Sling

Why a sling bag?

I personally love a good sling for cameras or just for everyday carry purposes. It's a great alternative to a dedicated camera backpack when you're on the go. I have two use cases. As a professional and as a family man.

As a professional, a camera sling forces you to carry the essential items. A camera, 2-3 lenses, and accessories like batteries, cables, etc. You'll have just what you need to get the job done and not extra junk just because you have space.

As a family man, a sling makes carrrying your camera and other personal things more convenient. An advantage is being able to get in and out of the sling while not having to take it off. With a camera backpack that's not so easy and quick. A sling is designed for such a thing. Swing it to the front to access your things and swing it back to get out of the way. Genius!

When traveling I especially love a sling to throw all my stuff in when going through the airport. I've taken the Bagsmart Camera Sling on day trips as well as legit vacations.

The Bag

The bag comes in black or pink. It also has a water resistant shell and has a rigid bottom. The shape is blobby and roundish which maximizes its internal space. There are no exterior pockets and is a very sleak and minimalist design. All it has is the Bagsmart logo which is black and rubberized.

Bagsmart Camera Sling in black or pink

My biggest complaint is the strap. I have other bags and by far this is the worst one. My others have a smooth seat belt like nylon material while the Bagsmart has a scratchy cheap feeling one. It does come with a shoulder pad but I personally hate them and always remove it. Its annoying and gets in the way. I do this with all of my bags. If they improved just this aspect it would be almost a perfect bag for me.

Inside the bag

The design of the bag is great. It stands up on its own and has a good amount of room. They don't say what the actual size is, but if I had to guess its 6-7L. The zipper opens up to be easily accessible while secure enough not to have anything fall out.

There's also a small stretchy zipper cover that acts as a security feature.

There are two dividers to create seperation. One has a collapsible shelf origami thing going to stack items while the other is a normal camera bag style divider. There is also a zip pocket inside to hold accessories like SD cards and batteries.

Final Thoughts

I've owned this bag for a few years and it has not let me down. It was my first introduction into the sling carry style and opened the door for me to travel with my camera gear comfortably for personal and professional purposes.

Although it has stiff competition from Peak Design, Hex, Moment, and others, its priced right at around on $30 on Amazon that you can't really complain. It will serve your needs but over time you may want a better quality bag for those who take things seriously.

If you want to purchase the Bagsmart Camera Sling you can find it on Amazon. My affiliate link is below. It costs you nothing to use it but I would get a little commission. Than you for your support.

Amazon Affiliate Link

My name is Jason Logan. I'm a photographer and content creator from Jersey City, NJ.

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