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Event Photographer From Jersey City, NJ

At JMT Photography & Media, we want to be there to document all of the wonderful moments in your life. One way we do this is through event photography. No two events are the same, and you can’t ever get that moment back. But with our photography services, you can document those memories.

We offer our photography services throughout the NYC metro area. Our team is based in Jersey City, NJ, and can go anywhere you need us to. We also often work in Essex County, Hudson County, and New York, NY, itself.

What Events Do We Photograph?

JMT Photography & Media provides event photography for a wide variety of events including corporate events and birthday parties.

Corporate Events

If you’re a business, then you want to have a corporate event photographer for each of your company’s activities. These photos can be used as a fun reminder for your employees of everything you’ve done in past years and remind them of the great work they’ve done. The photos can also show investors, clients, and others what sort of company you are.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are important, and many people create fantastic memories during them. We can capture those memories on film so that you can focus on having a good time. Our photographers are often called in for milestone birthdays like sweet sixteens so that you and your family will never forget this important day.

How Do We Ensure Excellent Photos?

We want to make sure your photos turn out great. That’s why we approach each event by first creating a plan for all of the most important shots. Our photographer will then go to the location to better understand the lighting, angles, and other features. We’ll also discuss your preferences with you to ensure we have all of the shots you want.  

Call or text our team for a corporate event photographer or another event photographer at 201‑736‑8695.

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