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Hex Ranger DSLR Sling Review | Rugged Camera Bag for Urban Adventures

Hex Ranger DSLR Sling


The Hex Ranger DSLR Sling is a highly useful and rugged camera bag. It has compartments for your camera, room for 2-3 lenses, and other accessories.

The boxy shape makes great use of the 8L its billed on the marketing materials. It also has tripod straps on the bottom to assist in your travels.

This is the type of sling that will not be confused for a messenger or purse, while at the same time it doesn't look like a camera bag either. This is what drawn me to Hex. Most other brands have a certain look but the Hex brand is unique.

The dividers seems a bit small for the interior and doesn't really reach both sides of the bag to be secure as I'd like. Overall your gear will be protected in a stylish urban carry. If they improved this in future updates it would be almost perfect.

You also have the option to completely break down the bag by taking out the bottom divider that gives the bag some structure. The is ideal for packing away when traveling or storing when not in use.

Photo Gallery

The Hex Ranger DSLR Sling in Use

I took the bag out on a portrait session to Central Park in NYC. My wife and I took the train over from NJ to Midtown Manhattan. It was very comfortable to have on me and I never fet burdened.

I carried a Fujifilm Xpro2 with a 35mm f2 lens and a Panasonic GX1 with the 35-100 f4-5.6 telephoto. I also had a powerbank, USB cables, and extra batteries. That quite alot of cameras, lenses, and gear. Most would expect a backpack to be needed but this sling handled it perfectly and allowed me to get in and out of the bag while not having to take it off. A backpack can't do that.

The Hex Ranger DSLR Sling will be a great workhorse for me when doing serious jobs or when I'm packing a bit more for family events and travel.

What I like

Boxy shape

Good size


Quality straps

Lots of compartments

Unique design

What I don't like

Cheap internql dividers

Not weather resistant without rain cover

Purchase your bag on Amazon (affiliate link with no cost to you)

My name is Jason Logan. I'm a photographer and content creator from Jersey City, NJ.

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