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Busboys and Poets, Baltimore Maryland Review and Photos | Black Joy Is My Protest Art Exhibit

Busboys and Poets is a place where food, art, culture, and politics collide intentionally. The name eludes to that. The name is homage to Langston Hughes who worked as a busboy while establishing himself as a poet.

We went for the Black Joy Is My Protest art exhibit which was displayed at the Baltimore, Maryland location but stayed to dine and was pleased by the curated cuisine.

I've personally not been to many restaurants with this type of vibe but I absolutely welcome it. There seems to be a sense of cultural responsibility and forward thinking and in the age of social justice I believe we will see this more, and we should.

Below is a gallery of photos from our meal.

The food was excellent and I highly recommend it. However, Busboys and Poets is so much more than restaurant. They sell books, have art for sale from local talent and abroad, a bar, and a stage for performances.

We will be back to embark on more.

Busboys and Poets

Black Joy is My Protest

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