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Gaia & Loki | A Great Vegan Restaurant in Downtown Jersey City, NJ

Gaia & Loki in Jersey City | Vegan Restaurant

As a native and resident of Jersey City I have seen the city change drastically in the past 20 years or so. The Downtown area of the city has gone through a resurgence some would call gentrification, but either way there has been tremendous change.

During the Covid-19 pandemic a new restaurant has emerged. Gaia & Loki located on Grove Street (not too far from the Path Station) established itself as a quality vegan restaurant with the concern for healthier dining options.

First Impressions

Upon entering you'll notice the beautiful decor of blue and white. Everything from the celing, bar, and flooring all seem to be new or at least renovated from whatever occupied the space previously.

My family and I decided to visit on a rainy day when businesses are typically slow. It gave us an opportunity to see the staff work on some things in their down time like take photos for social media, etc.

I had a small chat with the owner and look forward to connecting with him more in the future to learn about the business and his background.

The Food

The menu is tidy yet comprehensive. There doesn't seem to be a specific cultural cuisine in mind but it sort of reflects the melting pot of Jersey City and specifically the Downtown area.

They have everything from burgers, sandwiches, pasta, Asian, and more.

Gaia & Loki vegan cheeseburger

The vegan cheeseburger was amazing.

We order a few appetizers and main courses. At first bite you can taste the quality preparation. Everything was absolutely delicious. We look forward to returning for a another visit and sampling more.

Gaia & Loki Photo Gallery


Gaia & Loki

346 Grove Street

Jersey City, NJ 07302

Phone: 201-309-0027


My name is Jason Logan. I'm a photographer and content creator based in Jersey City, NJ. Learn more about me at

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