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House of Flavor | Best Vegan Restaurant in Bayonne, NJ.

House of Flavor in Bayonne, NJ has tasty high quality Latin inspired 100% vegan food. In addition to Dominican chofan, empananadas, and tostones they also have standard American fair alternatives such as burgers, chik'n parm, and mac n cheese.

House of Flavor in Bayonne NJ Logo

Meet The Owners

We had a chance to sit down with the owners to get to know a little about their journey in the restaurant before customers arrived for the day.

The Food

I was fortunate to be able to try some of the food. I sampled their top seller for them, Chofan Dominicano.

Its a Dominican fried rice dish with onions, peppers, plantain, vegan chik'n bites, and a special sauce. It was absolutely delicious! I see why its a top choice for customers. Its packed with flavor and texture from all the fresh ingredients.

Check out this full photo gallery of the restaurant

Video of Chef making Vegan Chofan Dominicano at House of Flavor in Bayonne, NJ

I also tried a cheese and beef empanadas. Of course these are all vegan but I don't know if you could truly tell. As a non vegan the taste is very close and authentic to what I'm use to.

Next was a cauliflower bite that mimics Buffalo wings or nuggets. It was very good and you could taste the cauliflower bursting with flavor. They coated it well in a batter and house sauce they doesn't overpower the true cauliflower taste and compliments the texture well.

Finally was a vegan carrot cake for dessert. Again, the taste is authentic and just like a non vegan version. It wasn't too sweet and was very fresh.

Overall, I was very pleased and brought some home to the family to try. Everyone loved it! We will definitely be back to try more.


House of Flavor is a hit. They have a very comprehensive vegan menu to satisfy just about everyone, vegan, vegan-ish like me, or carnivores. Eating better has never been easier and I'm glad to see a restaurant like this not far from home.

If you're in the Bayonne/Jersey City area you should stop by to grab a bite and tell them Jason sent you.

House Of Flavor

911 Broadway

Bayonne, NJ 07002

Instagram | @houseofflavorcafe


My name is Jason Logan. I'm a photographer and content creator from Jersey City, NJ. I love boxing, martial arts, food, travel, and being a family man.

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