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Kin Restaurant Providence, RI | Food Review

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Kin Southern Table + Bar is a soul food restaurant with excellent food and decor in Downtown Providence, Rhode Island. The menu is tidy and expertly curated with well made items you will not be disappointed by.

My wife and I traveled to Providence as a quick getaway to celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary. For most, Providence would not be the 1st place to visit for such an occasion but we wanted something unique, not a far drive from our native of Jersey City, NJ.

The Decor

Kin Southern Table + Bar in Providence Rhode Island

The bar inside of Kin Providence RI

The back room at Kin Southern Table, Providence RI

Kin Southern Table in Providence RI. Back of the restaurant

The staff was extremely friendly and the decor is inviting with the nice blue paint. The name alone won me over when walking downtown. My wife looked up the restaurant before arriving so we could plan a visit to the restaurant as part of our food intinerary. We looked for black owned restaurants so we can support.

The Food

For appetizers we ordered the plain chicken wings which were fried to perfection. They were not overly greasy and had a homemade hot sauce that was delicious. We also had the fried green tomatoes. They were hands down the best I've ever had.

Kin Souther Table, Providence Rhode Island

Kin Southern Table, Providence Rhode Island

The star of the show was the Baked Mac + Cheese. The flavor is outstanding and the blend of cheeses they used made each bite better than the last.

Kin Southern Table | Providence, Rhode Island

The catfish was like butter melting in your mouth with a corn meal crust fried to perfection.

Then there was the collard greens with smoked turkey. The greens were tender and the flavor of the broth is rich and bold.

My wife ordered the Shrimp Po'Boy which was as good as the catfish. It was flavorful and not greasy as some fried items can be at other restaurants. This aspect shows paying attention to the details.

Kin Southern Table | Providence, Rhode Island

Kin Southern Table | Providence, Rhode Island

We had the pleasure of meeting the owner who gave us some champagne for our 11th anniversary. We really appreciated that and put the icing on the cake for us.

If you're in Providence give Kin a try. You won't regret it.


Kin Southern Table + Bar

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