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Hex Ranger Mini Camera Sling Review and Photos


I'm a guy that loves a good bag and have found the camera sling style to be my favorite for carrying cameras. It allows you to get in and out of the bag without taking it off like a backpack.

While browsing on YouTube looking for a good sling bag I noticed the Hex brand popping up in my results. Peak Design is a very popular brand and a lot of other brands have come along to challenge them, mostly with similar designs or very different ones. I found a good deal on the Hex Ranger Mini Sling so I pulled the trigger on a purchase.

I also have the larger Hex Ranger DSLR Sling which I did a separate review on already.

Inside the bag

The Ranger Mini is listed at 2.5L but the square shape really maximizes the usability. However, its still a pretty small bag and you have to be mindful of the limits.

I typically take one camera and one lens because I like to leave room for a power bank, but without that a second lens would fit. I use Fujifilm cameras with the F2 collection of lenses.

They include two dividers and the bottom base can be removed also. The base gives the bag the support to stay square but without it the bag can be packed down quite small for travel inside another bag like your luggage.

There is a zip pocket inside for other items like pens, SD cards, etc. The outer pockets are really nice too. One of them seems to be suited to fit a phone but not large ones like my Samsung Note 10. Utilizing the outer areas of the bag to store other small things is a nice touch and maximizes the small size of the bag.

In Use

Wearing the bag is comfortable and the straps are a smooth seat belt like material. I chose the camo green color to mix things up. I typically go for black but this bag suits the camo design and has a masculine, square, fun look. It doesn't scream camera bag at all.

If you remove the inserts you could use the bag for everyday carry and not just camera carry. The bag is versatile and doesn't look like a messenger bag or a camera bag. Its quite unique and looks the part for a city boy like me who likes to keep his pockets free of junk.

There are these cinch straps on the sides and bottom. The one's on the side are meant to shrink the bag a bit to tighten on the small carry items you don't want jingling around. The bottom ones are meant to carry a small tripod but can also be used for other things. In fact, I used it to carry my daughters jacket when she didn't want to wear it.

The zippers are quality but would have been nice to include some pull tabs since you have to go around sharp corners because of the square shape. I did eventually add them and it was a good move.

Final Thoughts

I love the design of this bag. It really suits the casual use of a Dad who wants to carry his camera out and about with his family. It looks cool and its not a boring run of the mill bag for cameras.

It a small useful bag with more space than you might think but don't overpack it. The colors options are based around military camouflage and that might throw off some but definitely aimed at men or fans of that colorway in my opinion.

I think this is a natural pair to the larger Hex Ranger DSLR Sling. I use that bag also and its an 8L bag to carry a lot more things. It's definitely more of a serious day bag than the mini, and often use that bag for paid gigs. However, when you want just one camera and one lens and not too much else the Hex Ranger Mini Sling is the way to go.

Video Review of the Hex Ranger Mini Sling

What I like

+ Compact size yet good space

+ Design is unique

+ Straps are comfortable

What I don't like

+ Front pockets are too small for phones

+ Bag could be slightly bigger (3L-4L)

Hex Ranger Mini Sling Photos

My name is Jason Logan. I'm a photographer and content creator from Jersey City, NJ. Learn more about my work at
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